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Fight Back Against Voter Suppression

This is the most important moment to fight back against voter suppression in Texas. There are four things you can do RIGHT NOW to join us in this fight:

1. Call your state lawmakers: Texas Republicans are pushing SB 7, a dangerous bill that aims to suppress the power of Texas voters in future elections—especially voters of color, working Texans, young voters, and voters with disabilities. But the fight isn’t over: legislators still must draft a final version of the bill, which then must be voted on again by both the House and Senate. Click here to find the contact information for your state representative and state senator. Urge them to reject SB 7 and any other anti-voter bill.

2. Urge President Biden to do everything in his power to support this fight: We’re doing all we can in Texas to protect our democracy, but we need federal support. Right now, the U.S. Congress has the chance to pass a critical piece of voting rights legislation called the For the People Act, which would bring to a halt all anti-voter legislation in Texas and across the country. Click here to learn how to contact the White House to urge President Biden to do everything he can to support the For the People Act and help us push back against voter suppression in Texas.

3. Become a Volunteer Deputy Registrar (VDR) to help Democrats win elections in Texas: Democrats are fighting tooth-and-nail right now to protect our right to vote. We need your help to elect more Democrats and flip Texas blue in 2022. By becoming a VDR and registering as many voters as we can, we can all do our part to protect the right to vote in Texas.

Follow these steps to become a VDR:

Look for your county name here, and follow instructions to sign up and attend your training.

– If you don’t see your county on your list, don’t worry! You can still attend an upcoming virtual training with us (sign up for that here).

– Attend and complete your training, and receive your VDR certificate.

4. Sign up with Powered by People to work on winning Texas.

We can only win this fight with the power of people like you. Thank you.

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